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Push-To-Talk Audio Demo

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Our July 14 post introduced the topic of Push-To-Talk (PTT) explaining what Push-To-Talk is and its benefits to your business.

Many people are fans of Nextel’s Direct Connect Push-To-Talk feature.  The problem is you’re locked into Sprint-Nextel.  Even if you’re happy with them as your carrier, you’re still limited in your phone selection.  So what can you do…

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dwellingLIVE Success Story

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DecisionPoint and dwellingLIVE partnered on the successful deployment of PatrolLIVE, a mobile patrol officer solution for security companies.  PatrolLIVE consolidates all functions on a single Motorola mobile device utilizing RFID technology.  One of the most significant benefits for customers is that they can see the patrol officers’ activities in real time through the PatrolLIVE Web-based customer portal.

You can read…

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Vehicle Car Charger / Mounting Solutions

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proclip1When your focus is on field mobility software and the mobile computer your software will run on, it’s easy to overlook the vehicle charging / mounting solution.  While relatively trivial, this is a critical component nonetheless.  It’s essential that your electronic devices have a power charging source and are securely installed within…

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RW 420 Route Palette

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Two industry leaders have teamed up to offer one integrated solution for mobile workers.  Motorola and Zebra deliver the unique RW 420 Route Palette that combines the Zebra RW 420 mobile printer and Motorola handheld computer in a compact, rugged design ideal for route accounting, Direct Store Delivery, Field Services and Field Sales applications.  The RW 420 mobile printer…

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