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Increase Productivity Through Mobile Printing

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In this economy, employers and companies must get the utmost “bang for their buck.” Devoting any part of the budget to unnecessary expenses and not getting back a return on investments cannot be justified. Luckily, mobile printers help these employers and companies make the most of their operations and employee productivity.

retail11Something as simple as…

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Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) Scanners

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ds98081-179x300Our August 17 post introduced the topic of Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB)—also known as OneCode and the 4-State Barcode.  IMB replaces the postal POSTNET and PLANET barcodes and will be required starting this fall for companies looking to receive the maximum USPS automation discounts.

Motorola offers several imagers capable of decoding the new…

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Motorola Abuse Testing

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Past posts have featured specifications and videos of the Motorola MC55 and MC75.  More recently, our September 11 post described ruggedness testing.  In today’s video, you won’t see a boring demonstration of standardized drop tests.  Instead you’ll see Motorola’s MC9000 subjected to extreme abuse and continue to function flawlessly!   Now that’s rugged!


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Mobile Application Software – Many Choices

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choice1Let’s face it, when you begin to consider the introduction of mobile technology into your enterprise; most of us first look at hardware.  After all, you can hold it and interact with it (press keys and view the colorful display).  While selecting the correct feature set of hardware (laser or imager, large…

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