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Image Capture in Mobility Applications

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9500_FieldService_2 008_LEN4218 webcheck photo22The saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” can’t be more true than when it comes to image capture in mobility applications.  Mobile computers equipped with high-resolution cameras are bringing a new level of accountability and accuracy to mobile workers in a variety of fields.  Typical benefits…

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Social Networking in the Mobile Enterprise

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social-networks-blog1Social networking is the rage.  Not a day goes by without the mention of Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.  What can we learn from the millions of people leveraging these technologies to get in touch, stay in touch and find new opportunities?

Well, first we learn that connecting with people and sharing information is…

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Motorola Releases MC55 Magnetic Stripe Reader

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mc55-magstripe-reader1Motorola has just announced the official release of the MC55 Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR) accessory.  In the  July 3rd post we announced the expansion of the MC55 accessory line to include a MSR and went over its features and the benefits it can provide.  Well now it’s officially here!  This…

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MobileCare™ Software Support

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Customer Service RepresentativeIn our Oct. 21st post we took a closer look at the MobileCare™ offering Device Management.  Today I’d like to provide more information about another component of the MobileCare™ support services suite- Software Support.

Software Support provides ongoing support for custom DecisionPoint applications and ensures…

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