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Happy New Year from DecisionPoint Systems!

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We’d like to wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year!  See you in 2010!


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What is a Location Messaging Unit?

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enfora_minimt-resized1-150x150A Location Messaging Unit (or black box) is an alternative to GPS integrated into a phone.  These small but powerful devices constantly track vehicle location.  Location Messaging Units are perfect for businesses that need to track vehicles and not employees.  They’re also ideal if a cell phone isn’t necessary because only one…

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Windows Mobile Device Naming

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windows-mobile-611In our Dec. 22nd post I provided an overview of Windows Mobile 6.1 features.  Today I thought I’d provide more information about the device naming scheme that Microsoft introduced after the release of Windows Mobile 6 for handheld devices running Windows.  I know this change left many confused, so I…

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Motorola MC9090G Crash Test Video

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Since many of you are back to work after a long weekend I thought I’d give everyone a treat for their first day back.  This video shows off the extremely rugged Motorola MC9090G putting up with multiple smashes to concrete and still functioning flawlessly.  Enjoy!



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