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DecisionPoint’s Grapevine™ Voice Texting

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grapevine-ptt-logo1Is your business looking for an “always on” communication solution that will keep your workforce connected no matter where they’re located?  DecisionPoint’s newest offering−Grapevine™ Voice-Texting enables instant communication within an enterprise over Windows or Linux PCs and Windows Mobile phones, regardless of where your employees may be.  Grapevine™ is designed to work…

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Retail Inventory Management Demo Video

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Yesterday I provided information about the features and benefits of a Retail Inventory Management Solution from DecisionPoint.  As promised, today I’m providing a great demo of a retail inventory management solution so you can see it in action.


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Retail Inventory Management

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global-bay-blog-screenshot1Retail inventory management solutions enable your workers to record and access inventory information in real-time.  By providing your workforce with mobile computers to perform all merchandise inventory functions you’ll know what you have in stock, what you need to order, and when you need it.  Benefits of a DecisionPoint Retail Inventory Management…

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Remote Help Desk

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remote-control1If a problem arises with a mobile device while it’s out in the field it is critical that it is resolved quickly so your workforce can remain productive.  Remote Help Desk allows a Help Desk operator to directly connect to a mobile device to troubleshoot and solve problems.  CloudSync is a web-based management…

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