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Motorola ES400 EDA for Mobile Task Workers

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motorola-es400-task-worker1Motorola recently announced the release of the newest addition to their line of mobile computers−the ES400 Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA).  Designed for mobile task workers, the ES400 is Motorola’s smallest EDA, but don’t let it’s pocket-sized design fool you, it packs a punch.  Key features include:

  • Motorola Enterprise User Interface (MEUI)-Designed…
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Selecting Mobile Computers for Cold Environments

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motorola-vc5090-small1There are many factors that must be taken into consideration when selecting a mobile computer for cold storage environments.  In order to supply your workers with the performance they need to get the job done you have to look at more than just a rugged design.  Fogged-up LCD screens and exposure to…

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DecisionPoint Announces Reverse Merger Agreement with Copernic

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decisionpoint-logo-rgb-smaller1DecisionPoint Systems, Inc. recently announced a merger agreement with Comamtech, the successor company of Copernic, Inc.  After the merger, the resulting legal entity will be named DecisionPoint Systems, Inc. and the entire management team of DecisionPoint will become the management team of the merged company.  The merged company will also apply to…

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Mobile Solutions for Utilities and Energy

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9500_FieldService_2 008_LEN4218 webcheck photo22Many utility and energy companies provide service to hundreds of thousands of customers or more.  Keeping these customers happy and providing efficient and reliable service is a top priority.  Mobile solutions enable utility and energy companies to streamline operations and provide real-time visibility into: