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Mobile Inventory Management Solutions

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es400-field-service_2-small1Many field-based workforces must manage inventory outside of the four walls and it is just as critical as managing on-premise inventory.  Industries such as Direct Store Delivery (DSD) and field service companies benefit from tracking products, materials, parts and tools out in the field.  Keeping track of this…

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Retailers are Moving Beyond Just Transaction Processing with Mobile POS

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motorola-mc75-retail-2-small1-300x225In several past posts we provided information about Mobile POS solutions and how they shorten wait times and enable associates to ring up customer purchases virtually anywhere in the store.  A recent study conducted by Aberdeen that surveyed over 100 retailers regarding their use of POS devices has…

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Mobile Solutions for the Vending Machine Service Industry

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vending-machine1Up-to-date information about products that need to be re-stocked and machines that need to be serviced is vital to ensure that the vending machine service industry is selling the most products they can.  Equipping field-workers with mobile devices provides real-time information to track the performance of machines and inventory.  With…

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Enable Field-Based Workforces to Accept Secure Payments at the Point-of-Service

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charge-anywhere1-300x235Expanding payment options for customers enables field-based workforces to increase customer satisfaction and win more business.  DecisionPoint recently partnered with CHARGE Anywhere, a leading payment gateway provider and mobile payment software developer that offers mobile payment solutions that integrate with field mobility applications.  CHARGE Anywhere simplifies and accelerates…

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