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Are you Prepared for Electronic On-Board Recorder Requirements?

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GPS-Safety1In our April 8th post I provided information about the benefits of automating Hours-of-Service (HOS).  On January 31, 2011 the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) issued a regulatory proposal that would require interstate commercial truck and bus companies to install Electronic On-Board Recorders (EOBRs) to…

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Motorola Android Tablet Beta Testing

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I just read an interesting article from Engadget that featured information about a new, rugged Android tablet being developed by Motorola.  This information was passed to Engadget by an anonymous source and it appears that Motorola is in the early stages of developing an enterprise tablet and beta testing is scheduled to begin October of this year. …

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Zebra QLn™ Mobile Printer Lowers Operation Costs

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Zebra-QLn1-300x248-1Zebra Technologies recently announced the release of the new QLn™ mobile printer which is the third generation of their popular QL printer.  The QLn boasts innovative technology that lowers operation costs and enhances print quality.  The QLn is the first printer with Zebra’s Power Smart Print Technology that delivers faster printer speeds,…

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Safety Solutions for Lone Workers

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Safety1-300x206It is the duty of businesses to ensure that their employees are safe throughout the work day.  With a growing number of mobile workers this can become quite a daunting task.  Mobile workforces are constantly traveling, visiting customer homes and businesses and working in remote areas.  There are several lone…

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