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Reduce the Impact of Rising Fuel Costs with Fleet Management Solutions

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Fuel-Costs1-300x267As fuel costs continue to rise, organizations are faced with an increase in annual costs per vehicle, making it essential to have solutions in place to reduce fuel consumption.  For many businesses, fuel costs can be as high as 10 to 15 percent of total operating costs.  Fleet managers understand the importance…

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Bar Code Wristbands for Infant Safety

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infant-wristbands1-300x209In our July 15th post I provided information about the best practices for creating bar code wristbands to ensure that they contain the right data needed to increase patient safety. Bar code wristbands are designed to improve patient safety regardless of age. However, maternity wards need tailored solutions to ensure…

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Mobile Line Busting Demo Video

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In our post yesterday I shared information about the important features to look for in mobile computers and mobile printers for mobile POS or line busting solutions.  Selecting the appropriate software is another way to ensure the best user experience and enables employees to complete more transactions per day.  Today I’m sharing a great demo video from…

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Hardware for Mobile POS and Line Busting

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Retail-MC75A-small1In past posts we’ve provided information about the ways that mobile POS and line busting solutions enable retailers to increase customer satisfaction, process more transactions throughout the day and boost sales.  There are a variety of mobile computers and mobile printers available for mobile POS and…

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