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So Many Devices, So Little Time

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It seems like a new smartphone, tablet or specialized mobile device is announced every week.  When trying to decide which device is right for your organization you should review the options by grouping them into categories that reflect your business requirements.  As an example:  If your business application is only available on the Windows Mobile operating system…

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Personal mobile devices – Embrace or Ignore?

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With the explosion in the use of smartphones and tablets, IT organizations are being faced with a new set of challenges.  These challenges include: support issues, security issues and procurement issues.  In the early adoption phase of this technology many IT organizations simply turned a blind eye to these devices and made bold statements on the level…

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Embracing “Bring Your Own Device” with a Comprehensive Strategy

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Computers are more mobile than at any point in history and with each passing day this trend is accelerating.  Both young and old alike can bear witness to the effects that the miniaturization, increasing performance and cost reduction of computing technology has made on our lives.  The recent explosion in smart phones and tablet computers is the most visible…

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DecisionPoint’s Educational Webinar series kicks off with ConsumerPrise

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“With enterprises under extreme pressure from management and employees to develop and deploy mobile applications to accommodate mobile work styles and increase customer engagement, Gartner, Inc. predicts that more than 50 percent of mobile apps deployed by 2016 will be hybrid”.  – Gartner 2013

For today’s Line of Business, it’s about solving business problems cost effectively; leveraging information and insight…

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