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Benefits of deploying with a mobile device management (MDM) tool

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As mobile devices continue to enter the corporate enterprise, IT professionals are implementing new strategies to manage these highly mobile and varying devices.  Smartphones and tablet computers have created a new niche among computing devices.  Like the desktop and laptop computers that preceded them, these devices increase user productivity by providing access to corporate resources.  However, unique to these…

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Changing Landscape of Mobility

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With the proliferation of smartphones and tablet computers the mobile computing industry is going through another transition.  Unlike the previous major technology refresh we experienced when the industry transitioned from DOS devices to Windows CE and then Windows Mobile, this transition is more complex.  This complexity is the result of multiple operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows 8…

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When it comes to Mobile Computing, Do Not Reinvent the Wheel

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Every day you read or hear about how someone is using mobile technologies to empower their mobile workforce.  Whether it is your local service technician, retail clerk at the grocery store or home delivery driver, we see mobile computers being used all around us to collect information, process payments and more.  While the popularity of mobile computing…

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Security Challenges

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The adoption of BYOD is occurring in every market segment by small and large organizations alike. This is the result of businesses having concluded that their employees are more productive and accessible when they can use their own mobile device to perform work related activities.  However, this productivity and access may lead to undesired security challenges.  Exposing your network,…

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