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Technology that Empowers Me

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I began my corporate career as a Systems Engineer for MSI Data which many years and a couple acquisitions later became a division of Motorola.  My first day was spent meeting with various co-workers to get a lay of the land.  That day was also the day I received my first piece of corporate technology a “pager”. …

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Supporting BYOD

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Prior generations of computing solutions remained stationary and where typically clustered into a few locations such as office buildings and warehouses.  This clustering simplified the support requirements since technicians could “touch” a large number of devices in a short time period.  Mobile computing has complicated the support model not only due to the devices being able to change locations…

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Personal Privacy

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“According to Forrester Research, 78% of the enterprises are instituting BYOD programs, with 60% including smartphones, while 47% include tablets and laptops. 70% said that improved worker productivity is the key reason for BYOD”.  Motorola, Secure Access Partner Brief.  With the growing number of BYOD participants questions related to the corporation’s access of personal information continue to be asked. …

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