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The Last Mile

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The “last mile” is a phrase used in a many industries to describe the final segment between a company and its customers.  In the public utility sector it is the segment of cable or pipe that connects each individual customer to the main trunk.  In the transportation sector it describes the final distance between the last distribution…

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Big Data, Cloud Computing and Mobile Computing

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Technology is constantly changing.  Some technologies ride a rollercoaster of favor and fade as they seek to find their place (RFID), while others replace earlier versions (imagers for lasers), and then there are those that create a permanent place in our world (the internet).  Three current technologies that appear to be creating a permanent mark on the IT landscape…

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Evaluating the True Cost of Consumer Devices

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Smart phones and tablet computers are extending the reach of mobile computing solutions in the enterprise.  There are many reasons for this including CPU performance, new operating systems choices, size and availability.  However, the most obvious reason is device cost as compared to traditional ruggedized mobile computing options.  While the initial acquisition cost of a consumer device is often…

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