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With so many choices where do you start?

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There are more mobile computers and smart phones to choose from than ever.  With multiple operating systems (Android, IOS, Windows Mobile, etc.), differing display sizes, a virtually unlimited number of form factors and peripherals (rugged, camera’s, scanners, radio options and so on) how do you choose the right device?  The key is to defining and prioritizing your…

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Is wearable mobile’s future?

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Google followed up the release of Google glass with the recent release of an android based smart watch.  Samsung released a similar smart watch on the same day.  While miniaturization is the typical technology trend and often leads to new product categories, smaller is not always better.  Take for instance smart phones.  As the technology improved over…

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Why is mobile computing exploding?

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There is no arguing that mobile computing is exploding.  There are new applications and devices released every day, but why?  Many reasons can be put forward but they all can be categorized into one of two camps: technology advancements or human connection.  Technology advancements are easy to see, small form factors, brilliant displays and ergonomic packaging.  However,…

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