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3 Considerations When Selecting a Packaged Software Application

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While mobile computing devices get most of the press these days, it is the mobile applications that are at the heart of every mobile computing solution.  It is the application that defines the business logic, user interface and information exchange.  When selecting a mobile application there are a number of considerations that you should take into account.

1)      Every application…

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Off-the-shelf or custom?

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With the 100’s of thousands of mobile applications available for download one would think that finding a mobile business application is a simple search away.  However, the reality is that the majority of these applications for download are consumer and or entertainment in origin.  The mobile business application market is still a niche, vertically oriented marketplace and…

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The true cost of consumer devices

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At first glance consumer smart phones are significantly cheaper than traditional ruggedized enterprise mobile computers with similar specifications.  There are a couple reasons for this difference including ruggedizing a mobile computer requires more engineering and material thus demands a higher cost.  Additionally, the sheer manufacturing volume of smart phones enable manufactures to leverage the economies of scale and thus…

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