Item Unique IDentification (IUID)

Posted by Bob Russell On October - 2 - 2009

Item Unique IDentification (IUID) is an asset identification system instituted by the United States Department of Defense (DoD) to uniquely identify an asset or component by assigning a unique identifier.  All government property, contracts and deliverables are required to be marked with a unique number. 

Compliance requires that all IUID labels, marks or tags use a two-dimensional (2D) Data Matrix symbol with the data formatted in accordance with syntax and formatting standards necessary to ensure accurate scanning and tracking.  The Commercial And Government Entity Code (CAGE Code) is a unique identifier assigned to suppliers. The IUID is comprised of the CAGE Code, serial number and part number.

Sample IUID TagThe Data Matrix marking can be applied in one of the three following ways, but must remain permanent through the lifecycle:

  • Direct Part Marking:  Symbol is permanently placed directly on an asset using laser etching, dot peening, chemical etching, laser bonding, or ink jet printing. 
  • Data Plates:  Plates are attached to assets with screws, adhesive or bolts. 
  • Adhesive Labels:  Labels are typically made from polyester or foil and attached to the asset with adhesive .

The U.S. Federal Government maintains an IUID Registry data system to store records for all assets delivered to the government or in the custody of contractors that have UID marks or have been assigned an IUID in anticipation of future possible UID marking.

As other government agencies recognize the benefits of the DoD’s IUID mandate, it’s expected they will institute their own IUID programs.

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