What to Look for in a Mobile Computer

Posted by Erin Hodges On December - 1 - 2009

Mobile Computer ChoicesIn order to enhance workforce mobility you need to provide your employees with the proper type of device.  Motorola suggests 7 things to look for in a mobile computer for workforce mobility:

  1. Lightweight and small form factor
  2. Multi-mode capability for the office and the field
  3. Ergonomic design for comfort during intense scanning
  4. Bright display that is visible in a variety of lighting
  5. Remote device management
  6. Versatility and accessories that extend functionality
  7. Rugged design that withstands rigorous use

These 7 items are a great starting point, but selecting the right device can be a daunting task.  The next step is to talk to a mobility expert.  Working with an experienced systems integrator like DecisionPoint will guarantee that you’ll deploy the perfect device for your application needs.

Let’s Get Mobile!  Contact DecisionPoint Systems, Inc. for more information about enterprise mobility.

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