Global Bay Mobile POS: Motorola MC75 and O’Neil OC2

Posted by Erin Hodges On June - 30 - 2010

In our March 16th post we explained how Mobile POS (Point of Sale) Solutions enhance customer experience and increase loyalty.  Today I’m sharing a great video from DecisionPoint’s software partner Global Bay that demos a mobile POS solution on a Motorola MC75 and Datamax O’Neil OC2 mobile printer.  Check out how easily payments can be tendered on-the-go!


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Mobile Diagnostics and Home Health Care Field Mobility Solutions

Posted by Erin Hodges On June - 29 - 2010

Improve the productivity and increase the efficiency of your healthcare field workers with mobilityIn our June 23rd post we described some of the healthcare applications that occur outside of the four walls and the popular mobility solutions for healthcare businesses with field workers.  Today I’d like to take a closer look at what mobile diagnostic and home health care businesses can do by moving to automation.

Home health care and mobile diagnostic businesses rely on workers in the field to provide mobile medical services to patients who can’t be treated on-site.  Mobile solutions provide healthcare field workers with the tools they need on-the-go, while also providing the back office with web-based dispatching and the ability to assign and track visits in real-time.  Supplying your mobile healthcare workers with handheld mobile devices enables them to:

  • View historical patient data in the field
  • Capture readings-dispensed pharmaceuticals, medical supplies issued and treatments
  • Capture images of wounds
  • Capture signatures for proof-of-completion
  • Populate electronic forms with arrival and departure time for insurance and billing

Collected data is transmitted to the back office in real-time, allowing management to access and report on patient visit information.

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Help with Industry Acronyms

Posted by Erin Hodges On June - 28 - 2010

Visit DecisionPoint's Industry Acronym Glossary for helpDo you find yourself coming across industry acronyms you’re unfamiliar with?  In the world of bar code, RFID and mobile solutions it’s easy to get stumped.  If you’re looking for some help, you can visit the DecisionPoint Glossary of Industry Acronyms.  This useful reference lists some of the common and not so common acronyms used within the industry.

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Fleet Management Solutions Increase Productivity

Posted by Erin Hodges On June - 25 - 2010

Increase efficiency and productivity with a fleet management solution from DecisionPointIn our June 22nd post we discussed how fleet management solutions help businesses control fuel costs, but that isn’t the only benefit.  As promised, today I’d like to follow-up with information about the features and additional benefits of partnering with DecisionPoint Systems and Descartes for your Fleet Management Solution.

With DecisionPoint and Descartes you get an all-in-one solution, including the correct hardware, carrier and software designed specifically for your fleet management needs.  Descartes offers a variety of software solutions for fleet management that enable:

  • Strategic route planning for on-demand dispatching and tracking of routes
  • Real-time dispatch changes
  • Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) for operational visibility
  • Driver performance comparison to industry standards
  • And more

Empower your front line workers, increase efficiency and improve productivity with a complete fleet management solution from DecisionPoint to receive maximum value from your software investment.

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Mobile Device Management Provides Big Cost Savings

Posted by Erin Hodges On June - 24 - 2010

Realize support cost savings with DecisionPoint's MobileCare Mobile Device Management SolutionIntegrated Solutions Magazine recently published an article that included some interesting statistics about the cost savings provided by Mobile Device Management Solutions.  According to VDC Research, “using a Mobile Device Management Solution can save an organization more than $230 per device, per year, in support costs.  For a 1,000-unit solution, that could potentially provide more than $1.1 million savings over five years.”

With a DecisionPoint MobileCare™ Mobile Device Management Solution you’ll minimize downtime and receive remote support for mobile devices in the field, enabling you to reduce your operational costs.  MobileCare™ Device Management is designed to support and maintain the mobility of your business by taking the complexity out of managing mobile devices in the field.

Download the MobileCare™ Device Management Datasheet to learn more about the features, benefits and cost savings you can realize with real-time device troubleshooting from the experts at DecisionPoint.

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Mobile Healthcare Solutions

Posted by Erin Hodges On June - 23 - 2010

Not all healthcare applications take place within the four walls.  There are a variety of healthcare businesses that rely on workers in the field, such as:

  • Home health careContact DecisionPoint to learn more about mobile solutions for your healthcare workers in the field
  • Mobile diagnostics
  • Pharmaceutical delivery
  • Medical testing labs
  • Durable medical equipment (DME/HME) suppliers
  • Patient transport service providers

Some popular mobile solutions for healthcare businesses with field-based workforces include:

  • Location-Based Services (GPS Tracking)
  • Push-to-Talk
  • Route Optimization
  • Turn-by-Turn Navigation

Visit us again in the next few days to learn more about how mobile solutions increase accuracy and improve productivity of healthcare field workers.

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Mobile Solutions Control Fuel Costs

Posted by Erin Hodges On June - 22 - 2010

Reduce fuel costs and increase employee productivity with a DecisionPoint Fleet Management Solution.Mobile solutions from DecisionPoint enable you to effectively manage fleet activities and lower fuel costs by optimizing resources to reduce the number of miles driven.  More effectively plan routes based on delivery windows, employee shift lengths, weight and more−while also improving communication between dispatch and drivers for real-time route updates.  With a fleet management solution you can:

  • Optimize routes to reduce fuel consumption and labor costs
  • Monitor and track assets in real-time to review driver performance
  • Reduce idling time
  • Provide real-time status updates
  • Increase customer satisfaction

According to DecisionPoint’s software partner Descartes, fuel costs can be as high as 10% to 15% of total operating costs.  With a mobile fleet management solution delivery costs can be reduced by as much as 15%−much of which is reflected in fuel savings.

Visit us later this week to learn more about partnering with DecisionPoint and Descartes for your fleet management solution.

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Mobile Computers Provide Improved Shopping Experiences

Posted by Erin Hodges On June - 21 - 2010

Consumers are constantly on-the-go, so it’s up to retailers to ensure that they reduce wait times and provide a higher level of service to keep them satisfied.  The Motorola MC17 mobile device redefines self-service by allowing customers to scan items while they shop to reduce check-out time, create gift lists and receive targeted promotions.  Check out this video form Motorola to learn more about how the MC17 can improve your customers’ shopping experience.


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Implementing Mobile Field Service Solutions with Mobile Payment

Posted by Erin Hodges On June - 18 - 2010

Learn more about mobile field services solutions from DecisionPoint that drive productivity and increase revenueAccording to the Aberdeen Group, companies with best-in-class field service operations complete about 8% more work orders per day than average performers and are 2.5% more profitable.  Mobile field service solutions that include automation and mobile payment applications help businesses achieve these results by:

  • Providing faster cash turns with payment processing in the field
  • Improving customer satisfaction with real-time access to detailed information
  • Increasing employee productivity

With a DecisionPoint Mobile Field Services Solution you’ll receive the right device, the right software and the right support to get you the greatest return on your investment.

Download the Motorola Survival Guide: Implementing a Mobile Field Service Solution with Mobile Payment for additional information about the benefits of automating your field service operations.

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DecisionPoint Systems and Antenna Software

Posted by Erin Hodges On June - 17 - 2010

Provide your mobile sales reps with all the tools they need to increase sales.DecisionPoint’s MobileArc Field Mobility Solutions supply businesses with everything they need to successfully automate their field-based workforce.  This includes providing multiple software options to ensure that you receive the best solution for your business and achieve desired ROI.  DecisionPoint’s partner Antenna Software offers a wide variety of mobile applications designed to increase operational efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.  With DecisionPoint and Antenna Software you get an all-in-one solution designed for your specific needs.  Options include:

  • AMP Sales-Provide your mobile sales reps with real-time access to corporate-wide information to increase sales.
  • AMP Service-Enables real-time communication with dispatch and instant access to job-related information while on-the-go.
  • AMP Mobile Work Order-Receive, accept, update and complete work orders from a mobile device to increase productivity and improve response times.
  • AMP Pharma-Designed specifically for your pharmaceutical sales reps, receive access to product, physician and hospital information in the field.

Realize the benefits of mobility and maximize productivity with a DecisionPoint and Antenna Software mobile solution today!

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