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Electronic Product Code (EPC)

Posted January 9th, 2015 by & filed under Uncategorized.

epc-shopping-cart1Electronic Product Code (EPC) is a unique set of numbers or coding schemes that identifies a specific item in a supply chain.  Unlike bar codes that can only distinguish between two product categories (manufacturer and class of product), EPC can identify a specific item by its unique ID number.   This emerging system…

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Customer satisfaction as a growth engine

Posted November 20th, 2014 by & filed under Uncategorized.

It is often said that companies create jobs.  However, the fact is that consumers not companies create jobs.  It is only through consumption that the products and services that businesses create can multiple and with product and service multiplication comes job growth.  This is the reason behind DecisionPoint Systems culture tenant “We obsess over customers, not…

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Is Mobile Device Management (MDM) still needed?

Posted November 11th, 2014 by & filed under Uncategorized.

For the last several years the topic of MDM has filled blog posts and news articles.  With all the enhancements to operating systems and hardware platforms, I often hear the following question, “Do we still need MDM? And if so why?”  The simple answer is YES!  While many device and operating system manufactures are building some of the common…

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Mobile Maturity

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One way to determine whether a technology market is reaching maturity is by watching the degree of consolidation that is occurring.  New technology markets often begin with a couple niche companies exploiting a portion of a given solution.  As the market grows new players enter the field and over time the strong niche players acquire the weaker in order…

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