Mobile Field Service Management

Keeping our nation’s infrastructure running takes an army of field technicians. Whether you service, sell or repair heating and air conditioning systems, oil derricks or nuclear power plants, equipping your mobile field workers with the right information is the first step toward increasing your first time fix rate and customer satisfaction.

Simplify your Process with Robust Tracking

Field Service is a complex business with many moving parts. You need to worry about your equipment, assets, inventory levels, man power just to name a few items. Improving your tracking of these items not only improves your operation but can also lower your costs and improve your service levels and customer satisfaction. In addition to tracking, mobile solutions can also provide many additional advantages such as:

  • Directions and least cost routing
  • Repair schematics
  • Communication capabilities (voice, email, picture and video)
  • Real time access to corporate resources
  • Improved scheduling and time keeping

Improve Service with Real Time Information

Today’s customers demand higher service levels than at any time in history and being able to provide your field service technician with accurate information at the minute it is needed is a competitive differentiator that enables them to make better and faster business decisions. Mobile Field Service solutions enable your technicians to get real time information on parts availability, repair history and customer information. These solutions also enable you to have better visibility to your technician’s workload and performance so that you can take immediate corrective actions if need as well as keep your customers informed as to the progress of the call. For more information on how going mobile can improve your field service operation please contact us today.