Mobile Solutions in Retail

As retailers you are the final link in the supply chain.  You are the ones who put products into consumer’s hands. Your world is constantly changing. Whether it is the style and type of merchandise or customer service expectations, retailers must adapt to an ever changing landscape while continuing to reduce cost and maximize investment.  We understand the fine line that you as a retailer must walk.  If your product is out of stock, you lose revenue.  Conversely, slow moving inventory leads to higher carrying costs, shrink and lower margins.


Get Control of Your Inventory and Pricing

DecisionPoint understands the price and inventory management issues that retailers face. In fact, we have been designing and building mobile retail solutions for over 20 years.  The challenges we help you resolve include product availability and mix, sales revenue per unit of selling space, labor utilization, and loss prevention. We are experts in all areas of retail from store operations to distribution center operations and we are experienced with all types of retailers including but not limited to:

  • Clothing and Specialty Apparel
  • Department Store
  • Drugstore
  • Home Improvement
  • Grocery
  • General Merchandiser

Give Your Customers More

In addition to price and inventory management, we also develop customer facing applications such as item locator, line busting, electronic catalog or gift registry. Today’s retail consumers expect more. They want to interact with you and purchase from you in new ways. You need to meet your customer where they are and mobile retail solutions are a great way to achieve this. To learn more about our retail solutions please contact us today.  One of our retail solution consultants will assist you in identifying and sourcing a solution to meet your unique needs.