Transportation Logistics & Management Consulting

Our nation’s roadways are the life blood of our economy. Most every product or raw material sold travels by truck during its lifecycle. Whether you are a long haul trucking company moving goods from one end of the country to the other, a private fleet manager or a last mile local delivery service, your workforce is the definition of mobile. We understand the pressures that you are under.  With rising fuel and equipment costs, government regulation, compliance mandates, industry consolidation and increasing competitive pressures turning a profit is harder than ever.

Lower Costs while Improving Customer Satisfaction

Mobile Transportation Solutions offer considerable advantages and enable you to improve your operation while lowering costs and improving customer service. Whether it is providing least cost routing, turn by turn navigation, voice communications, DOT compliance solutions, proof of delivery or internet access, mobile computing solutions can help you control your costs and operations by providing your mobile workers with current information and decision making capabilities.

Eliminate Vendor Finger Pointing

In addition to providing results oriented mobile solutions, as a mobile solution integrator we are the “glue” which ensures that all the solution components work seamlessly together.  We not only provide the complete solution components such as hardware and software but we also provide all of the services to ensure a successful integration and deployment includes:

  • Project management
  • Solution integration
  • Solution deployment
  • User training
  • Post installation support services

Give us a call and one of our transportation specialists will be happy to discuss your unique business needs and how mobile computing can help your operation.