Professional Services

Mobile Design Services

Mobile computing is getting more complicated and thus solution implementations are becoming increasingly complicated as well in larger part due to the numerous hardware and software components and vendors required to build an end to end solution. Ensuring a successful implementation takes forethought and planning. Creating an implementation strategy to address the identified business problem will improve your organization’s performance, productivity and profitability. DecisionPoint Systems’ experienced business and technology consultants can help you create the foundation of a mobile implementation that will deliver the expected results by providing leadership and resources in each phase of your project.

As a leading mobile and wireless systems integrator with over 25 years of experience, solution development and mobile implementation are where we excel. Our long history of successful mobile implementations has given us in-depth knowledge and experience in mobile application development, hardware selection, wireless networking and user acceptance.

Mobile Business Consulting

The first step to understanding your business needs is to assess your organization’s overall business strategies and operational processes. This service is strongly recommended for customers who need assistance analyzing and defining alternatives to resolve current business issues.

We define the optimal solutions to your problems, with an emphasis on how you can better use technology to gain a competitive advantage. Services range from preparing high-level business issue identification to detailed operational process improvements. Individuals who have both an extensive understanding of the technology industry and broad experience in their specific fields provide the services. Consulting is available in a number of knowledge areas:

  • Retail
  • Field Automation
  • Transportation and Logistics, 3PL
  • Warehouse and Distribution

Mobile Planning and Design

Mobilizing enterprise data and empowering your mobile workers is the root of any mobile initiative. How you approach this solution determines the success of your project.

DecisonPoint’s application design experience follows the guiding principles of flexibility, scalability and performance centric architecture. Choosing the right technologies simplifies the heavy lifting related to data synchronization and enterprise integration with the systems that run your business.

As a result, time to market is accelerated and maintenance costs are reduced, lowering the total cost of ownership.

Key benefits:

  • Leverage over 20 years of mobile application development experience and 5 year cross platform mobility experience
  • Future-proof application development methodology
  • Connection to any data source, any device, anywhere, any time
  • Efficiently designed for performance, scale, and evolving data schema
  • Secure, controlled, and managed
  • Offline data access and capability for sometimes-connected environments

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