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Mobile Development Services

Mobile Systems Integration

DecisionPoint specializes in integrating solutions into existing customer environments whether the host application is a packaged solution, legacy system or a combination. Our technical staff are trained and certified on all of the major OEM’s Data Capture Systems, Wireless Infrastructure Solutions, and the service and support offerings as well. As a full service Solutions Provider, we can help you with engineering your mobile system, providing for ROI and TCO assessments, as well as the implementation and integration of the solution into the host environment. In addition, we offer a Systems Design Study to evaluate the infrastructure requirements, upgrade assessments and migration path analysis.

System Integration & Test services include designing and developing integrated systems that incorporate commercially available hardware, software, and network products from various third party vendors. We also define new interfaces where needed.

Services performed include:

  • Defining the specific Statement of Work.
  • Designing integration procedures and test methods.
  • Identifying and specifying new hardware or software interfaces.
  • Developing test procedures to verify the success of the integration process.
  • Performing integration testing, change management, and problem resolution during the development and pilot phases of the project.
  • Developing, documenting, and verifying the installation, configuration, and integration procedures to ensure that all aspects of the project run smoothly (staging, installation, setup, testing, and delivery).
  • Demonstrating the integrated system vs. the specification for your acceptance.

Mobile App Development for Business

With roughly 75% of the U.S. workforce being mobile, odds are you have mobile workers within your organization. Like us, I am sure that you are seeing the need for technologies that connect your mobile workers to your corporate resources. We refer to this need as “Mobile Worker Empowerment”. Your mobile workers are on the front line and as such have the first and possibly greatest need for a broad range of information including product, pricing and inventory, among others.

Regardless of what you sell or service, mobile workers have a couple things in common. By definition, mobile workers traditionally have limited access to corporate information. Take a typical field technician for example. She starts her day in the office checking email and confirming appointments. After loading her truck with parts inventory, she is off to the first service call. From this point forward she is on her own. No access to corporate email updates, technical manuals, knowledge bases or inventory levels. Her only connection to corporate is the single voice of the dispatcher who is able to provide some information related to new or cancelled service calls but nothing directly related to accomplishing the task at hand, repairing a broken piece of equipment. Fortunately, mobile technology is now accessible to everyone regardless of company size or revenue level and there are great financial and process gains to be had through automation. With mobile automation that same technician can get real time email access, download the latest technical bulletin or review electronic repair manuals.

The rapid growth of wireless data services is providing new opportunities for organizations to empower their mobile workers. Now, critical information can go with your workforce anytime, anywhere. This enables organizations with mobile workforces to improve productivity and gain operational advantages. Areas of opportunity include:

  • Field Service
  • Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)
  • Merchandising
  • Maintenance Work Orders
  • Rounds and Readings
  • Inspections
  • Parts Management
  • Physical Inventory/audit
  • Field Sales Automation
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Ordering

We believe that every business is unique and each mobile solution needs to reflect the company that is deploying it. For this reason we support mobile workers of any type through our custom mobile application development (CMAD) organization. We develop specific point solutions to address a wide range of mobile job functions. If you have a unique mobile requirement or just cannot find an off-the-shelf mobile solution please give us a call. We know we can help point you in the right direction.