Professional Services

MobileCare Support Services

Once your system has gone live you now enter the support phase.  Like all computer based solutions, mobile computing solutions do not manage themselves.  Prior to deployment, we will work with you to define your support needs and put a support program in place.  We believe that keeping your system up and running is just as important as its initial deployment, as you can only achieve the desired effects and resulting ROI when it is in use. For this reason, we offer a comprehensive range of support services which enable our customers to request help on any type of mobile computing, printing or wireless issue. You gain access to trained professionals who will walk your staff through troubleshooting, diagnosis, and remedy when and where they need them.

Getting your workers up and running involves quite a few steps. This can be a time consuming and costly process. If you haven’t done it before, it can be risky as well. There is no guarantee that everything will work as intended when a new user opens the box, removes their device and powers it up. By contracting with DecisionPoint for MobileCare™ Up and Running, all this is taken care of by DecisionPoint before each mobile device is shipped to the user, ensuring a positive user experience. Additionally, Up and Running includes 90 days of support so not only will your user have a great first experience but they will be covered during the most critical time in any project, the first 90 days of deployment.

MobileCare™ Up and Running is a bundled set of MobileCare™ Services that have been selected to ensure a positive initial user experience as well as provide ongoing support through the first 90 days of the project. MobileCARE™ Up and Running specifically includes the following services in a single bundle.

  • Project Management
  • “Gold Image” Development for the mobile computer
  • Provisioning (device software installation, device configuration)
  • Kitting (single shipment of multiple items per location or user)
  • 90 Day Technical Phone Support (standard hours)
  • Remote Device Management

Once your system is up and running your users come to rely on the system to perform their daily tasks and your support staff is on to their next project.  DecisionPoint understands that keeping these systems running is critical to your business. However, it is not your main business.  To get the most out your investment and reduce the strain placed on your support organization, DecisionPoint has developed a unique service offering to specifically address your needs for continuing system performance and uptime.  We call it MobileCare™ Keep it Running and it includes all of the support services you will need to keep your mobile system running well into the future.

MobileCare™ KEEP it RUNNING is a bundled set of MobileCare™ Services that have been selected to ensure that your mobile systems continues to deliver the same performance that your users have come to expect. MobileCare™ KEEP it RUNNING specifically includes the following services in a single bundle.

  • 1 Year Technical Phone Support (standard hours)
  • 1 Year Remote Device Management
  • 1 Year Express Depot

Supporting Your Enterprise Mobility Solutions

The introduction of consumer devices into the enterprise has dramatically increased the number and types of devices requiring support.  These devices are enabling employees at all levels to gain access to corporate resources such as email, but they also provide a platform to access additional business applications that interface with our core business processes.  As such, you must manage these devices to ensure that they are secure and that employees can gain access to the applications that they need in a structured environment.

MobileCare EMM was developed specifically to address these issues.  MobileCare EMM is a complete enterprise mobility management service that includes the establishment of a corporate mobility policy guide, device and application security, software maintenance and device lock down using the latest MDM tools.  All this delivered by mobility experts with no capital expenditures or additional internal resource requirements.  MobileCare EMM enables you to reduce your deployment time and build a solution that will support today and tomorrow.