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Mobile Solutions and Financial Managers

Whether you are the CFO, Controller or financial department manager, your job is to watch over the financial condition of the organization and manage its’ financial risks. This is often a balancing act between meeting the many and differing desires of multiple groups, often competing for the same limited resources.

Partner with an Expert to see the True Costs and Saving of Mobility

So you are not a mobile or technology expert but need to fully understand the short and long term financial aspects of implementing a mobile solution. While many companies take into account the hardware and application costs, most do not consider the long term costs and savings associated with mobility. DecisionPoint has been designing and deploying enterprise class mobile solutions for 25 years and we can help you understand the total financial picture of these solutions. Some things to consider are:

  • Training costs
  • Deployment costs
  • Life time support costs
  • Savings from improved operations
  • Savings from quicker and accurate information capture
  • Increased revenue through higher customer satisfaction

Determining Your Best ROI Options

When trying to determine the best bet for your limited financial resources, often the best practice is to weigh the financial benefits of each project against one another. DecisionPoint has extensive experience working with individuals like you to help create ROI models as well as look at alternative funding methods. We welcome the opportunity to help identify the true ROI of your mobile solution(s) and evaluate methods to accelerate them. Please contact us to discuss the financialbenefits of mobile solutions today.