Utilizing Antimicrobial and Cleaning Technologies in Retail and Hospitality

DecisionPoint has been working with some of the nations largest hospitals and providing them with solutions that keep patients and clinicians safe. As the retail world faces the current needs for Social Distancing and the requirement to keep mobile equipment and POS stations clean, new technologies have to be implemented. DecisionPoint is uniquely positioned to help provide solutions to common issues.

DecisionPoint is partnering with the best companies in the world to create solutions to the problems facing today’s modern retailer. We can help keep your IT equipment clean, your customers safe, and your employees happy

Antimicrobial Devices for Grocery

Services and Solutions

POS and Touch Screen Solutions

Touch screens have become more and more common as technology has evolved. The issue facing many now are how to keep them clean to protect employees and customers in the face of changes in the world today.

DecisionPoint has been working with some of the largest healthcare providers in the country to apply antimicrobial touch screen protectors to new and existing monitors and digital signage used in Hospitals. This technology is made of Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) material that’s nearly undetectable when installed. This is a very cost effective way to improve the visibility of screens, protect screens from physical damage, and add an element of protection against bacteria that can grow rapidly on these screens.

DecisionPoint can not only apply these coverings to touch screens up to 70”, but we can also assist in the lifecycle management of your touch screens whether they are digital signage or a POS device critical to your operations.

Repair, Refurbishment, and Managing Assets

Device-Associated Infections are driving the need for cost effective infection control products and services across the retail and hospitality industries. Infection control has become the paramount issue for establishments in the US and abroad. Corporate institutions, governments, food service, education facilities, and consumers are also demanding infection control solutions.

DecisionPoint is partnering with the best companies in the industry to provide complete solutions for those in the Retail and Hospitality industry who have concerns about keeping their IT equipment safe.

The OnPoint Service Hub is a comprehensive tool that manages repairs, analytics and data. It acts as an enterprise management system for the entire lifecycle of your devices, while producing reports on everything from devices currently in-house, shipped for repair, in need of security updates, and more. Our Retail customers can use this system to manage the lifecycle of their POS touch screens, along with a whole host of equipment that you need to keep your operations running at a reasonable cost.



Repair Depot Services

Submit your Monitor/Display service requests via our Customized Portal

  • Includes diagnosis and restoration of your monitor to an operational state
  • Includes all parts and labor
  • Add Anti-Microbial Screen Covers
  • Overnight Replacement and Return to Depot agreements available
  • Custom Packaging available to protect your assets while shipping
  • Flexible Contract Options

On-Site Service Repair

On a project basis, DecisionPoint can arrange an on-site service where we can apply your antimicrobial screens on items that are not easily shipped or if you have a large number to be upgraded

  • Large patient/customer facing touch screens
  • Kiosks that are not easily transported
  • Preventative maintenance options while we are on-site

Services to add Antimicrobial Surface Protection to new touch screens

Made from Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) material that’s nearly undetectable when installed. Antimicrobial screen protectors come pre-cut for an exact fit and help reduce microbial growth that can lead to hospital acquired infections. Screen Protectors are widely used on display monitors, touch screens, and other electronic devices to protect screens from damage and passing infection.

Antimicrobial screen protectors are precisely pre-cut to fit any screen as small as a touch screen watch to as large as a 70” digital signage.


  • Provides anti-microbial protection
  • Protects equipment from harsh cleaning solutions
  • Allows for complete disinfection with bleach and other disinfectants
  • Large Screens can be installed on-site or as a depot service

Typical Applications

  • POS Touch Screens
  • Kiosks
  • Interactive Ordering Screens
  • Mobile Devices
  • Touch Screens up to 70”

Have a Project You’d Like to Talk About?

Our mobile business consulting services pair industry-leading hardware and software solutions to meet each customer’s unique requirements, while our deployment services minimize business disruptions.

UV Disinfecting

Disinfect your mobile devices, keyboards, and touch screens

The standalone unit provides a convenient area to place your mobile or electronic devices for a quick yet effective UV-C disinfection. Simply place your devices in the stainless-steel tray and walk away with full confidence in the automated disinfection cycles.

The disinfecting UV technology can be mounted over touch screens, keyboards, or any other surface where you want intermittent cleaning. the complimentary software can be used to program the unit with auto on/off features so it’s only used when it counts.

Proximity UVC-SA

This standalone unit provides a small footprint for a convenient area to place your mobile or electronic devices for quick yet effective UV-C disinfection. Requiring minimal assembly, the unit consists of a stainless-steel tray, head unit and stand.

Antimicrobial Devices

Antimicrobial Keyboards

Fully washable and 100% waterproof, medical keyboards function as standard computer keyboards and are priced as such. A cost-effective tool for improving hand hygiene.

  • 100% Washable.
  • Available in different sizes, styles, and colors
  • Embedded with antimicrobial additive.
  • Compatible with major ERP systems.

Antimicrobial Mice

Fully washable and 100% waterproof, the medical mouse functions as a standard computer mouse and is a cost-effective tool for improving hand hygiene.

  • 100% Washable.
  • Available corded or wireless.
  • Embedded with antimicrobial additive.

Antimicrobial Scanners

The Gryphon 4500 imagers feature disinfectant-ready and anti-microbial enclosures for applications specifically in the Healthcare industry.

  • Contactless Charging – first to market
  • Antimicrobial and Disinfectant Ready enclosures
  • Epic, Cerner, Meditech certified.

Disinfectant Ready Devices

Zebra, Honeywell, and Datalogic offer a few different option for cleaning devices. Disinfectant ready means that the device’s plastic has been fortified to resist harsh chemical wipes.

These devices come in white and offer a way for retailers to use tougher cleansers. If you are using Apple, a case can be added to help along with antimicrobial screen covers. Contact Decisionpoint for help evaluation your options and implementing a solution.


Zebra TC52-HC Mobile Computer

A sleek, sanitizable device built for frequent cleanings and around-the-clock use. Zebra’s TC52-HC mobile computer is the ultimate device for today’s healthcare workers. Enjoy Android’s unmatched ease of use combined with tools such as:

  • Superior clinical collaboration
  • Data capture
  • Device management tools

Zebra ZD620-HC Mobile Printer

Designed specifically for healthcare with disinfectant-ready plastics, sealed button interface, and HC compliant power supply. The Zebra ZD620-HC mobile printer brings advanced industrial print speed, quality, and manageability to your Healthcare facility.

  • Configuration is quick and easy
  • Easy to clean and sanitize
  • Optional battery for cordless operation


Rugged, easy to deploy, and supports upgrades through Android R. For added patient protection against cross-infection, the disinfectant-ready shell and connectors are designed to withstand exposure to cleaning solutions.

  • Highest-in-class data security
  • Disinfectant ready materials
  • Forward Compatible and future protected