Helping Our Customers Achieve Excellence in Mobility Solutions

Every minute, every day, in every enterprise, mission-critical decisions are being made that determine the success or failure of a customer’s experience. At these key “decision points,” we mobilize and connect mobile workers to the information they need to make the right decision, at the right time, at the point of activity—the DecisionPoint.

DecisionPoint provides consulting services to help businesses select the right solution to meet their needs, including recommendations on hardware, software, and accessories. We do that by understanding your organization’s line of business, use case, end-user applications, and processes.

Our goal is to determine what works best in your business environment. For example, does your organization require ruggedized devices to withstand harsh conditions? How can technology best streamline your workflows? And will the selected solution have a positive return on investment?

There are some key considerations to keep in mind when developing your mobility project:

Overview of Our Full Consultative Process

DecisionPoint recently helped a major retailer roll out 13,000 mobile computers to 625 locations in 8 weeks using a proven methodology to ensure success. It included custom software, MDM management, device configuration, and custom packaging so the devices were ready to use out of the box. We are passionate about how projects are designed, implemented and executed no matter what the scale. Let us help you make sure your project is a success!

Technology Selection

This can be the most critical part of your project. If you choose the wrong technology or hardware partner, it can be difficult to recover. DecisionPoint works closely with our customers to ensure all considerations are taken into account and your IT investment provides the best possible ROI. When selecting new technology, it’s important to ask some critical questions:

  • What are your goals and how will change impact end-users and create an ROI?
  • Consumer Grade vs. Rugged for your environment?
  • When will this technology be obsolete and what’s the lifecycle prediction?
  • Should we consider wearable or voice activated technologies?
  • Will new technology be compatible with existing software and infrastructure?
  • How will I plan and run my pilot to insure a successful roll-out?

DecisionPoint’s experts can help you answer these questions and more to ensure you not only pick the best technology, but get the best possible value from your IT investment.

DecisionPoint Serves as a “One-Stop Shop” when Implementing MDM

With MDM, enterprises have complete visibility into their asset pool through individual device status reporting that helps anticipate problems before they happen. DecisionPoint works with customers to configure an MDM platform tailored to the unique needs and processes of each business.

Need Help Managing your MDM environment?

DecisionPoint’s Help Desk cannot only help you develop your environment, but manage it for the long term. The experts in our help desk can provide you the expertise to manage the systems now and into the future.


Stand up the platform.

Create policies, groups, admissions and design enrollment process.

Monitor the system.

Look for updates needed on devices.

Package and deploy applications—can be done remotely.

Audit which devices have been updated and when.

Take corrective actions as needed.

Benefits of Mobile Device Management

  • Increase Productivity: MDM reduces downtime by keeping your mobile devices operating at the highest service level.
  • Remote Management: Software updates can be installed remotely, and DecisionPoint technicians can troubleshoot and fix problems remotely. Companies spend less on shipping devices back for service, and reduced downtime keeps mobile workforces productive.
  • Security: MDM helps ensure your devices are properly updated with the latest security software to protect valuable data.
  • Compliance: MDM applies over-the-air settings and commands to streamline compliance with enterprise data and mobile devices policies.

Selecting and Optimizing Your Mobile Device Management

Discover the Right Platform for Your Needs

Mobility Implementation and Lifecycle Management

Developing a methodology to deploy and manage a complex mobility project will be key to maximizing your ROI and ensuring IT resources won’t get overwhelmed during day-to day management. The OnPoint Customer Self-Service Portal is a comprehensive tool that manages repairs, analytics, and data. It acts as an enterprise management system for the entire lifecycle of your devices while producing reports on everything from devices currently in-house, shipped for repair, in need of security updates, and more.

Software Development Services

At DecisionPoint, we understand that a growing business has growing needs. We provide you with the flexibility you need to grow by developing  custom software applications that address the unique challenges your business faces. We are also able to connect you with a preferred partner from our portfolio of industry-leading software developers.

With DecisionPoint software, you get:

  • Minimized downtime and disruption to your business
  • Open-source software that supports different devices and operating systems
  • Software applications customized to your business requirements
  • The functions you need to address ALL of your challenges
  • Decades of industry expertise to back your solution up
  • Guidance on how to get the most out of your mobile application


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