Empower Your Field Operations with Technology Tailored to Your Needs

To be productive and to provide the best customer service, field workers need accurate information quickly. DecisionPoint mobility solutions give field workers access to real-time data regarding orders and proof of delivery to streamline workflows and maintain a competitive edge.

DecisionPoint’s experienced business consultants  have the deep industry background needed to design a complete end-to-end mobility solution that meets the needs of the field sales and delivery industry, and also the unique needs of your business.

Business Benefits

Better Customer Service for More Customer Loyalty

Mobility solutions help reduce errors like lost, incorrect, or late deliveries to maintain a consistent service level that will make you an indispensable partner for your customers.

DecisionPoint mobility solutions help track delivery status and helps dispatch track maintenance and service personnel. Customers can also track inventories on-truck to provide an accurate basis for inventory analytics.

Our mobility solutions provide proof of service or delivery to ease customer anxiety, and provide sales tools for field personnel to upsell or add-on while talking with the customer.

DecisionPoint mobility solutions increase efficiency and productivity for better customer service and loyalty. Impress customers and improve operational performance with accurate, real-time reporting for proof of delivery, inventory tracking, and on-demand invoice printing.  With ruggedized devices designed specifically for field work, your employees will be equipped with reliable devices that reduce downtime and boost productivity.

Our Solutions

Mobility and Printing Solutions

Increase productivity with the latest mobile computers, touch computers, and tablets that allow you to take business anywhere your customer is. Mobile printers keep your field workers productive with the ability to print invoices and barcodes in the field. Our mobility services even include wireless Bluetooth functionality for easy connectivity.

Managed Mobility Services

DecisionPoint asset management solutions help customers track the location and movement of valuable assets in, around, and outside of your facilities. Mobile Device Management (MDM) provides a single interface to remotely manage mobile devices. Gain off-site access to data and secure enterprise messaging with Workforce Connect. DecisionPoint’s lifecycle management provides you with one dedicated point of contact to support your mobility system throughout its lifetime.

Repair Services

DecisionPoint’s nationwide repair services keep your field personnel equipped no matter where they are in the United States. Equipment in repair undergoes failure analysis to optimize equipment operation. We offer full diagnosis and repair to restore equipment to top operational condition with software reloads, board-level repairs, part replacement, adjustment or realignment, or other remedies. Standard repair turnaround is 3-5 days, with overnight service available when needed.


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