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Full Support Throughout the Lifetime of Your IT Investments

Mobile and IT device lifecycle management is similar to onboarding new employees. Everything employees need to do their job, such as training and other resources, is rolled out in a logical sequence to get them started so they can successfully hit the ground running without getting overwhelmed.

Similarly, lifecycle management at DecisionPoint starts with getting functional devices into the hands of employees and training them on their use. But it doesn’t stop there. We support devices throughout their lifecycle to guarantee functionality from deployment to retirement. DecisionPoint’s lifecycle management also encompasses repair services, and the OnPoint Hub/Portal. DecisionPoint’s lifecycle management program has four major components:

Selecting a Provider for Lifecycle Management

DecisionPoint’s lifecycle management program is designed to provide services and support that will provide the best return on your mobile and IT investments throughout the lifetime of your devices. DecisionPoint’s lifecycle management program frees IT from the day-to-day management of a large pool of devices.

Lifecycle management increases operational efficiency and simplifies IT complexity by streamlining deployment, user support, device and app management, and services for resolving issues and managing security.

DecisionPoint’s lifecycle management reduces operational costs by alleviating the administrative burden from your IT staff and systems. When selecting a partner for your needs, look for a vendor with a good reputation and proven reliability and innovative capabilities that will help keep you competitive.

Benefits to the Enterprise:

  • Drives innovation by unleashing internal IT resources
  • Reduces time to market
  • Provides a single view into the mobile estate
  • Improves customer relations/service
  • Creates internal/operational efficiencies
  • Consolidates cost management
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Why DecisionPoint?

We are a leader in the successful design, implementation, and on-going management of mobile and IT technology for your workforce. We ensure that your technology enables a higher productivity at the DecisionPoint of your workforce. Our innovative IT management solutions prevent, capture, and resolve issues through a deep visibility into your technology with the primary mission of delighting the end user.


With more than 30 years’ of experience in mobility, we have developed a suite of best practices built around delivering great outcomes for our customers. Great outcomes stem from matching the most appropriate technology for each application and quickly implementing new projects.


Great outcomes also stem from a complete support portfolio of managed mobile services (MMS) and a self-service portal—one interface to manage your entire mobile asset pool.


While many mobile integrators support specific aspects of a mobile infrastructure, few can provide end-to-end design, deployment, and full lifecycle support. With DecisionPoint, there’s no blame game when critical support is needed. We can support your entire mobile infrastructure and manage the complete technology lifecycle.


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