Physical Tracking of Mobile Devices for Complete Visibility

Not every device can be managed with automated mobile device management services. Some devices are powered off, in repair, in the field, or sitting in a spare pool.

DecisionPoint uses asset tracking technology to help customers monitor these devices to know where they are, how long they’ve been there, and the device status, such as in repair, in the field or staged as a spare. Physical asset tracking gives customers complete visibility into their entire install base of mobile devices.

Benefits of Mobile Device Asset Management

As mobile devices are used day-in and day-out, some may reach the edge of usability. Advanced mobile asset tracking gives customers better visibility into their entire device pool. The management system collects data about device health and status to help customers make proactive decisions about device use and disposition.

Devices that are on the edge of usability can be quickly identified before problems occur. Customers can proactively replace or service these devices to maximize uptime and productivity.

The Missing Piece to Your MDM

Mobile device asset management is delivered through DecisionPoint’s OnPoint Service Hub, which tracks the movement of devices in or out of specific locations using asset tags and fixed scanners.

OnPoint Service Hub is vendor agnostic, so any device or technology can be tracked, regardless who manufactured it. OnPoint includes dynamic displays to access, view, and move device data, and creates reports and data grids. OnPoint also allows customers to write scripts for customized notifications like, “your spare pool is low.”

DecisionPoint’s customers have devices spread all over the country that have to be managed, repaired and replaced. The OnPoint Service Hub is the system that makes a complex environment easy to manage.


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