What is the OnPoint Service Hub?

A complete integrated solution to manage your IT infrastructure through a single pane of glass.

DecisionPoint understands that how you manage your enterprise technology is just as important as how you implement it. That’s why we have designed the OnPoint Service Hub, a comprehensive IT management service (ITSM) portal, that enables you to manage your entire IT infrastructure through a single, easy to use interface.

The OnPoint Service Hub is a comprehensive tool that consolidates all of your tickets into a single view. Additionally, the OnPoint Service Hub seamlessly integrates with third-party help desk software like ServiceNow.

Why use the OnPoint Service Hub?

  • Manages your mobile assets, repairs, and spares
  • Reduce cost by managing more IT infrastructure with less staff
  • Integrated with our Monitoring Platform for automated ticket creation
  • Service Requests for On-Site assistance
  • Reduce escalations to management and IT staff
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IT Lifecycle Management Portal

Manage the entire IT lifecycle of your devices with real-time visibility to manage the health, location and status of IT hardware throughout your enterprise. Easily submit tickets and request service or repairs to simplify asset management and minimize disruptions from broken IT equipment.

  • Manages the RMA process for IT assets
  • Automates requests for Spare in the Air to minimize downtime
  • Track Assets by location with maps views including due backs, in spare pool, in repair on location
  • API’s for Integration to Major Platforms such as ServiceNow
  • Service Requests for technicians on-site
  • Asset Management and Reporting
  • Asset tracking and spare pool management
  • Provide dynamic, customized views of your information
  • Schedule reports
  • Track deployments

Managed Network Services Ticket Integration

Proactively monitor all of your key technologies no matter where they are located. If a server or PC goes down, a ticket is automatically created in OnPoint for action. OnPoint will help you identify incidents proactively and reduce the time it takes to resolve them, minimizing escalations. 

  •  Centralized monitoring and ticket creation on your Key IT Assets
    • POS Systems
    • Servers
    • Switches
    • SD-WAN Devices
    • LAN Connections
    • WiFi Infrastructure
    • IoT Devices (IP Based)
  • Submit new Circuit Requests
  • Automated ticketing and dispatch
  • Knowledge Base Creation
  • Tech-on-Demand Requests
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