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Manage Mobile Fleets, Monitor IT Assets, Request On-Site Support

Streamline enterprise service management (ESM) with VISION to save time, increase visibility, and reduce escalations to senior management. Our VISION portal provides a single, easy-to-use interface to monitor the status, health, and location of all your serialized fixed and mobile assets, along with the services we provide. VISION can also be integrated with your device monitoring and management platform for complex device troubleshooting and advanced analytics.

VISION allows customers to automate ticket creation or make requests for on-site assistance through our Tech on Demand services when something goes wrong, or even when you could simply use a little extra help. VISION will track and report on the entire lifecycle of your devices being deployed, serviced, or sitting ready in your spare pool. For convenience, you also have direct access to your DPS team through the portal.

Use VISION to avoid downtime when devices break by taking full advantage of our Rapid Exchange (REx) service. Enter a ticket into the portal, and REx draws from your spare pool inventory to configure and replace the device. We’ll even overnight a new device if you enter your ticket by 3PM PST.

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Learn why leading enterprises entrust PointCare to provide managed IT lifecycle services for all their mobility and IT infrastructure needs.

Streamline IT Asset Management With the VISION Portal

Manage the entire lifecycle of your mobility and IT assets along with your infrastructure with VISION.

IT Ecosystem Monitoring

Monitor all mobility and IT assets along with your infrastructure from a single portal, including servers, switches, PCs, point of sale (POS) systems, handhelds, and mobile computers.


Track assets by location and health status via the VISION platform’s interactive map. Monitor use and ensure your team is leveraging devices to maximize productivity.

Advanced Exchange

Use VISION with our Rapid Exchange and spare pool management services, and give users enough lead time to arrange replacement devices when creating RMA requests, minimizing downtime and disruption.


Access security services through VISION to ensure your IT assets, infrastructure, and data are safe. You can also easily decommission lost or stolen devices through our portal when our device management integration is used.

Asset Management, Simplified

Combined with PointCare lifecycle services, VISION simplifies IT asset management for even the most complex deployments.

Integrated Service Requests

Submit tickets from the VISION platform when support is necessary. VISION integrates with most IT service management (ITSM) platforms to automate Tier 1 and Tier 2 help desk functionality for streamlined service requests.

Administrative Control

Organizations can customize how to make PointCare services available to their distributed enterprise. You have on-demand access to information on user activity, including tickets and onsite Tech On-Demand service requests.
VISION portal

Real-Time Visibility

Monitor your critical mobility and IT infrastructure and its health based on your criteria. Whether monitoring up/down or a mission-critical server’s characteristics, VISION will provide the information you need.

Operational Efficiency

Automate IT asset management tasks, including tickets for action by DecisionPoint’s NOC. It also decreases downstream alarms, saving your internal IT team time with a proactive approach.

Network Management

Manage and monitor LAN and cellular backup connections, SD-WAN devices, controllers, and Wi-Fi access points. VISION notifies the DPS NOC to ship replacement components as quickly as possible.

End-To-End Lifecycle Management

VISION offers observability and reporting throughout your deployment lifecycle. Gain visibility from device enrollment to deployment, ongoing maintenance, and end-of-life and recycling services.

Simplified Network and Mobility Management

Take unnecessary burden off your IT staff and streamline network and mobility management with us!