ViziTrace RFID Software Platform

RFID tracking and RFID inventory management can help your business eliminate costly mistakes and improve visibility with automated inventory data collection. ViziTrace RFID Software Platform allows you to deploy RFID solutions quickly and easily throughout your operations. The platform’s prebuilt interfaces, mobile applications, and highly configurable software provide greater data collection efficiency and accuracy.

Enterprise-class ViziTrace software offers enhanced inventory management visibility and dependability across various industries, including manufacturing, transportation & logistics, power and utilities, waste disposal, healthcare, and government and public safety. We work with enterprise businesses to craft solutions for work in process, asset tracking, supply chain distribution, and other workflows to improve their day-to-day operations.

With ViziTrace as the backbone of any RFID implementation, big or small, DecisionPoint removes the complexity, risk, and expense associated with RFID. What remains will be substantially faster deployments, greater savings, and more freedom to focus on higher-level and higher-valued processes.

ViziTrace RFID Inventory Management

ViziTrace Benefits

Handheld or Fixed Reader Solutions

Choose the solution that best suits your operation, whether collecting data with handheld or fixed readers. In either case, your employees don’t need to establish a line of sight and can collect data from multiple RFID tags or labels at once. In addition, ViziTrace allows you to manage data easily from a mobile device.

Data and Business Analytics

ViziTrace provides you with the inventory information you need. Aggregate, filter, and analyze RFID data and access the insights via an easy-to-use dashboard and custom reporting. You can also configure event notifications to provide you with actionable information.

Automated Configurations

ViziTrace is easy to configure and maintain. Its automated configuration feature simplifies deployment and maintenance, and remote monitoring identifies issues and allows debugging before you see a decline in performance.

APIs and Interfaces

ViziTrace shares RFID inventory management data with your business systems and applications via APIs and interfaces, ensuring vital data is accessible wherever it’s needed.

ViziTrace Applications

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Work in Process Unit Tracking

Track your critical components and products accurately throughout the manufacturing or assembly process. From receiving raw materials to shipping finished goods, ViziTrace reduces labor costs, reduces returns, and improves production times to meet your customers’ demands.

Asset Tracking

Keep tabs on your most valuable assets across operations using this comprehensive fixed asset tracking application. ViziTrace will provide instant visibility into all aspects of your business, from computers, fixed inventory, furniture, healthcare equipment, and document and file tracking.

Supply Chain Distribution

The demands on today’s supply chain are immense. Reduce operational costs and streamline operations by processing goods efficiently, reducing mistakes, and ensuring your shipments are accurate with supplier validation. Confirm products are correctly encoded and captured for retail distribution compliance mandates. ViziTrace interfaces with many leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) software systems to help effectively track and manage goods across multiple facilities and during transportation.

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