Taking the Hassle out of Returns and Recycling

While MDM and asset tracking minimize the time, expense, and downtime associated with device repairs, devices with physical damage or software issues that can’t be handled remotely or by our customers’ IT department will need to be returned for repair.

At some point, devices will reach the end of their useful lives. These devices can also be returned to recapture their residual value. Regardless of the need, DecisionPoint makes returning devices for repair or recycling painless and friction-free.

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DecisionPoint Handles Everything

Reverse logistics is part of DecisionPoint’s full lifecycle management program that keeps your devices operational by providing maintenance and repair services throughout the lifetime of your system, including depot repair services.

DecisionPoint makes reverse logistics easy by being our customers’ singular point of contact between the OEM, carriers, OS providers, and MDM to streamline the process of service and support when it’s needed.

End of Life

When it comes time to retire leased equipment, DecisionPoint will receive returned devices, confirm that the equipment is operational, refurbish the equipment, and return it to the manufacturer for resale.

For returned leased equipment that is not operational, DecisionPoint will facilitate disposal. Data will be completely wiped in accordance with security standards and ensure that it is recycled in an ecologically friendly way.


Our customers’ businesses are always growing and changing. That means that sometimes, equipment needs to be moved to a new location. Customers can return this equipment to DecisionPoint for complete refurbishment, and we will send it to your new location, ready to go.

In some cases, devices need software patches or upgrades that can’t be delivered over the air. DecionPoint will receive these devices, make the updates, and return them to the customer.

Leased Equipment

DecisionPoint will refurbish leased equipment and confirm it is operational so customers receive full market value when equipment is returned to the leasing agency.


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