Enhance Efficiency: Proof of Delivery & Direct Store Delivery Software

Whether you have a handful of routes or a few hundred, MobileConductor is packed with features that businesses need to increase workforce efficiency and revenue per route. Our Direct Store Delivery (DSD) software solution empowers businesses to experience unparalleled efficiency by optimizing outdated processes. It eliminates unnecessary manual data entry and gives associates real-time access to pricing, inventory, and customer information to sell more. Streamline end-of-the-day reconciliation by quickly capturing signatures and payment data and automatically send receipts or invoices to customers with our Proof of Delivery (POD) solutions.

Transform Your DSD and POD Operations

MobileConductor helps businesses increase productivity, reduce wasted man hours, and boost customer satisfaction. Ideal for food distribution (bakery, dairy, snack), quick service restaurants, specialty foods and institutional deliveries, our DSD software also empowers your organization with data-driven insights by seamlessly integrating with many popular Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).

Our POD solution ties everything together. Reduce disputes, manage accounting, and track driver performance by automating delivery documentation, invoicing, payments, and receipts, and capturing signatures electronically.

Proof of Delivery and Direct Store Delivery Software Applications

Gain real-time insight into deliveries, seamlessly manage inventory, empower associates to sell more and enhance the customer experience. By consolidating all essential driver functions into one device, you’ll reduce in-cab technology costs and optimize workflows with industry-proven best practices.

Plan Efficiently

Maximize route efficiency and on-hand stock with features like route planning, inventory management, and truck-level orders. These features give drivers the essential items they need to complete orders. In addition, they can monitor additional inventory and facilitate opportunistic sales of historically high-demand products at customer locations.

Reduce Disputes

For previously ordered items, invoices are pre-populated within the software interface. This functionality extends to real-time updates for item quantities and the addition of items sold on-site. Our drivers can effortlessly generate professional PDF invoices for immediate customer review at the delivery location, ensuring an efficient transaction experience.

Speed of Service

When delivery drivers know most items on their truck by memory, including prices, it makes sales off the truck easy. MobileConductor is optimized for lightning-fast item retrieval as you type, ensuring seamless sales off the truck. Plus, our rollouts feature ruggedized hardware that's built to withstand the rigors of daily use.

Seamless Integrations

Our DSD software has DEX dongle capabilities, giving your customers the payment options they need. Our solution also has built-in API interfaces for leading accounting software like Quickbooks. This ensures effortless data transfer, enabling the automatic generation of accurate invoices. As a result, your payment process significantly accelerates compared to manual invoice entry.

Partnering With a Direct Store Delivery Software Provider

Professional Support

Our commitment to your success extends beyond the software and hardware. Our dedicated support team is available around the clock, 24/7, to provide personalized assistance whenever you need it.


We tailor our product to your needs and workflows, providing a high return on your investment (ROI). As a result, drivers get the tools to complete orders and make additional sales.

Visibility & Control

Our partnership means the solution is tailored to you, allowing you to respond swiftly to changing conditions. You can provide better customer service, improving brand satisfaction and loyalty.

Direct Store Delivery Software Applications

delivery man typing and tapping on tablet device standing near van

Food Distribution

Bakery, dairy, and snack distributors demand Direct Store Delivery software that empowers them to optimize routes. Additionally, many DSD operations need to conduct on-the-spot sales directly from their delivery vehicles. To meet these dynamic needs, a flexible software solution is essential, capable of seamlessly adapting to rapid changes in the field.

MobileConductor’s Proof of Delivery Software

MobileConductor gives transparent delivery metrics and enables teams to communicate on the go. This makes it a perfect fit for businesses that deliver goods to quick service restaurants (QSR). Our intuitive platform has customizations and features specifically created for food and beverage distributors.

Institutional Deliveries

Businesses that work with correctional facilities, school systems, and government agencies know that reliable delivery systems are essential. Harness powerful tools that allow drivers to record changes and adjustments, providing greater visibility at every stop.

Specialty Foods

Delivering fresh foods requires precise schedules and delivery details to provide long shelf life and minimal waste. Optimizing your operation takes robust DSD software that provides visibility, accuracy, and flexibility.

Start Improving Efficiency and Operations

Discover how our software solutions leverage mobile, and barcode technology to empower organizations to optimize direct store delivery performance.