Configurable RFID and IoT Solutions for Simplified Implementation

Our talented engineers and process experts collaborate with enterprises to ensure seamless RFID and IoT implementation, from consulting and design to hardware procurement and deployment. The ViziTrace platform is a powerful and dynamic RFID solution with configurable applications and a proven API, streamlining ERP, WMS, and ITSM integration. 

This enterprise-level platform also includes a rules engine that simplifies RFID work process flows across your use cases whether using APIs to enable your current business systems or using ViziTrace as a standalone solution. ViziTrace’s architecture supports scalability, extensibility, and reliability as you scale RFID and IoT solutions across your enterprise.

Configurable RFID and IoT Solutions for Simplified Implementation
Discover Why Enterprises are Making the Switch to RFID Tracking

Discover Why Enterprises are Making the Switch to RFID Tracking

RFID enabled solutions automate real-time inventory and asset tracking, increasing productivity and accuracy.

Quickly Realize ROI With Our RFID Enablement Platform

We have the expertise and the configurable tools you need to accelerate deployment timelines and ensure your enterprise’s ability to realize rapid ROI from your investment.

Flexible and Powerful RFID Hardware Solutions

We leverage our strategic partnerships with industry leading RFID manufacturers, providing us the flexibility to recommend the best solution for your environment. Capturing data in some environments can be challenging, so combining our expertise with the best technology in the industry is critical to success. Whether it’s an RFID antenna, RFID portal, RFID printer, RFID handheld, or the labels or tags that need to be identified, we will recommend the complete solution. Our engineers ensure your solution will fit your timeline and your budget.

Configurable Platform Features Simplify Implementation

ViziTrace enables configurable business rules to be applied to asset transactions via easy to edit plug-ins to its rules engine. New custom mobile application modules can easily be created by users to solve the toughest business problems and use cases through simple changes. No need to write any custom code. Standard applications for ship/receive validation, GS1 coded shipping verification, automated inventory, and locationing no matter what tracking technology is used.

Data and Business Analytics

ViziTrace seamlessly aggregates, filters, and analyzes real time tag reads as they happen in your environment. Our rules engine then follows your processes to provide that data to your ERP, WMS, and ITSM systems, ensuring a reliable and scalable deployment that just works. . Configurable event notifications that deliver actionable information, streamlining your operational processes. Access the data you need for effective decision-making anytime through our intuitive dashboard that delivers custom reporting.

RFID Infrastructure Management and Control

ViziTrace manages and configures the readers, portals, and printers that will drive your system daily. A dashboard shows you the health of your RFID hardware, and alerts let you know when something needs attention. Managing the health of your RFID infrastructure and maximizing uptime is made simple using the ViziTrace Platform.

APIs and Integration

ViziTrace seamlessly integrates to your ERP, WMS, and ITSM systems in a simple and straightforward manner, allowing you to keep your investments in the systems that run your business. No matter if you have SAP, Oracle, or a home grown system, you can leverage that investment with ViziTrace’s flexible API’s.

Your Complete RFID Solutions Provider

From consultation and feasibility testing to implementation and ongoing support, our team of RFID experts can handle your project from start to finish.


RFID Solutions Made Simple

We’re here to fast-track your enterprise’s deployment by removing complexities and unnecessary expenses at every step along the way. Your tailored plan is based on an on-site assessment and includes the RFID hardware, software, and services recommended for your application.
RFID Enablement Solutions Expertise

RFID Enablement Solutions Expertise

We have over a decade of experience pioneering RFID solutions in a variety of environments. Our team has successfully deployed projects for a range of popular track and trace applications, including everything from large scale supply chain product distribution, to secure records management and asset tracking.
Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support

Following your RFID implementation, we provide full-service hardware and software solution support to ensure your organization maximizes its investment. Our ongoing support includes new software releases and access to our partner program for additional value-added benefits.

Take the Guesswork Out of Your RFID Deployment

Stress less with RFID solutions and services that eliminate confusion and enable rapid ROI.