Voice Picking Solutions

ViziTrace Voice is a premier warehouse picking solution for distribution centers across several industries. Use this voice-guided tool to guide warehouse associates who need to have both hands available to safely and effectively complete orders. Enterprise teams use the automation features to optimize workforces and workflows. These advanced benefits help distribution centers and warehouses lower attrition rates, create safer work environments, and more accurately pick and pack orders.

Honeywell Voice Picking

ViziTrace Voice Benefits

Hands-Free Pick and Pack

Your team will be able to focus on picking and correctly packing orders. ViziTrace Voice provides your team with the hands-free solution they need and want. The system is easy to use and helps them focus on their top priorities.

Increasing the Metrics that Matter

Companies using ViziTrace Voice have reported greater safety ratings, more productive employees, a lower attrition rate, and a dramatically reduced amount of time spent on training. This voice picking solution can move the needle for your business and revenue goals, while improving the workplace experience for your employees.

Worker Data at Your Fingertips

One of the biggest benefits of ViziTrace Voice is the ability to analyze data collected automatically around your workflows. Using this tool’s potential will help you understand your workforce’s strengths and weaknesses to make better workflow decisions.

Vocollect Applications

ViziTrace Voice Applications

Voice picking is a safe and efficient way to complete warehouse workflows. The technology is a growing asset that is essential for many different fulfillment strategies.

Warehouse Management

One of the biggest use cases for voice picking is in large-scale warehouse management. Keep employees safe and productive when they use ViziTrace Voice software to pick and fulfill orders.

Ecommerce Fulfillment

Fulfilling ecommerce orders can be a huge logistical challenge for warehouses and fulfillment centers. When you use voice solutions your team can increase throughput and accuracy.