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Tech on Demand provides IT professionals with on-site support for those locations where a full-time IT resource isn’t justifiable. We provide a simple statement of work with an easy way to get hands-on help to your remote locations through the VISION portal. We provide IT services for on-site troubleshooting and repair for all your IT Infrastructure and peripherals, in addition to a White Glove Service that keeps your teams happy and productive while reducing escalations.


Routers, Firewalls, Switches


Access Points and Controllers


Displays, Registers, and Scanners


Computers, Printers, Scanners, IoT Devices


Vehicle Mounts, Troubleshooting, Configurations

National Coverage

DecisionPoint has 1,800 vetted IT professionals nationwide that we regularly employ for projects and on-demand services. Each technician is ranked and evaluated on their skill sets so we can provide the best possible service. Our project coordinators schedule, monitor, and evaluate each call to ensure it was executed as expected.


Through this single sign-on (SSO) tool, we can monitor the status of your projects, infrastructure’s health, mobile technology, open tickets, and service requests with just a few clicks. Proactive alerts focus only on true failures and eliminate alerts that aren’t critical. We can identify a malfunctioning IT asset and begin troubleshooting before a ticket is ever placed.

Using VISION We Can Handle:

service options to fit your business

Service Options to Fit Your Business

DecisionPoint offers Next Day Service with customized severity levels so that your business always has service for the most important issues impacting your business. We customize the service levels to minimize cost and maximize responsiveness. Options include:

  • Next Business Day Service
  • 2 business days
  • 3 business days
  • Prescheduled visits

We can help you solve problems in your enterprise. We offer brief on-site consultations to solve specific problems and can also pre-schedule regular visits that span a half- or full-day to address tickets and issues.

Tech on Demand: Tailored for Your Industry











Your Complete IT Services Solution

DecisionPoint offers a full lifecycle service offering helping you manage your technology stack from cradle to grave. Let us help you customize the program that suits your business, your budget, and keeps your internal customers happy.

complete IT services solution
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