The Only Voice Automation Solutions You Need

Our strategic partnership with Honeywell enables us to deliver cutting-edge voice-automated software solutions tailored to your needs. We are dedicated to providing seamless service and support for swift and hassle-free implementation, minimizing downtime and ensuring a high adoption rate. Our hands-free, heads-up voice picking software is a game-changer in warehouse operations. Guiding pickers to locate required items or pallets precisely saves valuable time and enhances accuracy while fostering a safer work environment. Similarly, our hands-free truck inspection software simplifies vehicle inspections, guiding technicians to ensure comprehensive records and inspection compliance.

The Only Voice Automation Solutions You Need
A warehouse man drives forklift in facility while using voice picking.

Safer Work Environments, Greater Accuracy and Consistency

Our voice automated solution for the warehouse streamlines the picking and packing process. It provides voice-based directions to picking locations, then confirms order accuracy and fulfillment with vocal responses or scanned data. Manual tasks are eliminated, and workers keep their hands free and eyes forward for safer working conditions.

Additionally, our voice-based truck inspection solution drastically reduces 90-day comebacks and roadside breakdowns. Our vehicle inspection truck software talks technicians through inspection with specific questions and simple response formats. This eliminates manual data entry and improves inspection consistency. Downstream activities like parts and repairs orders and forecasting replacements can all be automated, saving additional time.

Voice Automation Solutions Benefits

Voice automation solutions provide heads-up, hands-free task management for warehouses and commercial truck operations. These tools help teams create agile, dynamic workflows that save time and energy, all while improving your bottom line.


Optimize operations with a voice-based solution that provides real-time, hands-free guidance for picking and packing or vehicle inspections. Our voice-based solution results in faster and more accurate performance, reduced labor costs, and improved customer relations.


Our voice automation solutions keep employees focused on the task at hand. The intuitive software is easy to use, customized for your needs and requirements, and takes less time for new employee onboarding, thus reducing training time and costs.


Improve accuracy with voice software that provides directional cues and processes simple voice-based responses. This minimizes costly errors and reduces warehouse returns. For commercial truck inspections it reduces 90-day comebacks and roadside breakdowns.


Eliminate manual data entry and automate processes like warehouse order verification. For commercial trucking, automate parts and repairs orders and replacement forecasts. This streamlines your operation and optimizes labor.
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Create a Safer, More Productive Workforce With Voice Automated Solutions

Discover how our voice solutions optimize the order picking or vehicle truck inspection process.

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We offer solutions that grow alongside your business. As your operations expand or evolve, we can scale or modify them to accommodate your needs, ensuring your investment remains valuable long-term, supporting your business’s growth.

Boost Productivity

Whether in the warehouse or the auto shop, our solutions give your employees the tools to complete their jobs as accurately as possible. You can reduce labor costs and improve employee engagement with a tailored software tool.

Tailored Solutions

We offer customizable software that adapts solutions to your business requirements. Our customization enables you to address unique operational challenges and workflows, optimizing your processes for maximum efficiency.
Vocollect Applications

Voice Automation Solutions Applications

Receiving and Putaway

Voice-based directions for receiving and putaway tasks keep warehouses more organized and efficient. They eliminate the need to search for items by ensuring they are correctly documented and put away in their proper location.

Picking and Packing

Voice-guided picking solutions create a safer, more efficient picking and packing process, reducing cost for the most expensive steps in warehousing. They keep hands free and heads up while eliminating manual tasks for order fulfillment.

Inspection Repair and Replace

Consistent inspection reports ensure efficient shipment delivery and safe drivers. Our voice automation solutions for truck inspection provide predictive analytics and forecast parts replacement needs. Additionally, they automate repairs orders, reducing the number of roadside breakdowns.

Maintenance Scheduling

Commercial truck operations require that vehicles are maintained on a regular schedule in order to keep drivers on the road and deliveries on time. Our voice inspection solution automates maintenance scheduling to ensure an oil change or transmission check is never missed.

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