Company Overview

DecisionPoint Systems, Inc. (OTC: DPSI) headquartered in Irvine CA, develops Enterprise Class Solutions that connect your workforce to one another and to your internal enterprise system(s). Our mission is to make complex mobile technologies easy to use, understand, and keep running. We develop the implementation methodology, and on-going support mechanisms that will keep your operation productive, allowing you to focus on the value-add activities that make your organization competitive.

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Key Investment Considerations

2019 was a year of transition and growth for DecisionPoint Systems. In 2019, the company realized 24% revenue growth to $44 million and EBITDA (Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization) more than doubled to $2.7 million from $1.3 million. After completing the acquisition of Royce Digital Systems in June 2018, DecisionPoint fully integrated both companies in 2019. This acquisition enabled the company to build out our presence on the West Coast, expand into the healthcare industry, and grow both our portfolio of services and recurring revenue base.

The company’s goal in 2020 is to grow revenue to $48 million and EBITDA to $3 million. Strategies are underway to increase DecisionPoint’s value proposition to customers by shifting to more professional services with recurring revenue potentials. In doing so, DecisionPoint will  provide a compelling business proposition to our vendors, partners, and shareholders.

DecisionPoint has 83 business associates consisting of 16 sales, 41 technical, 16 operational and 10 finance and administration.

The company does business with 700 clients throughout the US.

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