Company Overview

DecisionPoint Systems, Inc. (OTC: DPSI) headquartered in Irvine CA, develops Enterprise Class Solutions that connect your workforce to one another and to your internal enterprise system(s). Our mission is to make complex mobile technologies easy to use, understand, and keep running. We develop the implementation methodology, and on-going support mechanisms that will keep your operation productive, allowing you to focus on the value-add activities that make your organization competitive.

Key Investment Considerations

2019 was a year of transition and growth for DecisionPoint Systems. In 2019, the company realized 24% revenue growth to $44 million and EBITDA (Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization) more than doubled to $2.7 million from $1.3 million. After completing the acquisition of Royce Digital Systems in June 2018, DecisionPoint fully integrated both companies in 2019. This acquisition enabled the company to build out our presence on the West Coast, expand into the healthcare industry, and grow both our portfolio of services and recurring revenue base.

The company’s goal in 2020 is to grow revenue to $48 million and EBITDA to $3 million. Strategies are underway to increase DecisionPoint’s value proposition to customers by shifting to more professional services with recurring revenue potentials. In doing so, DecisionPoint will  provide a compelling business proposition to our vendors, partners, and shareholders.

DecisionPoint has 83 business associates consisting of 16 sales, 41 technical, 16 operational and 10 finance and administration.

The company does business with 700 clients throughout the US.

DecisionPoint Senior Management

Steve Smith, Chief Executive Officer


About: Mr. Smith brings over 30 years of outstanding achievement leading sales, service, and supporting organizations around the globe growing revenue and EBITDA. Mr. Smith’s years of experience has led to having exceptional depth in leading strategic sales campaigns at targeted Fortune 100 accounts through partnering and tactical execution. Mr. Smith has extensive experience with early stage venture capital-backed start-ups as well as growing micro-cap companies though acquisitions and associated capital raises. Mr. Smith is adept in application specific hardware, software, services, wireless and RFID technologies.

Melinda Wohl, Vice President of Finance


About: Ms. Wohl brings over 20 years of accounting experience within the technology products and solutions industry and has been a member of the Decisionpoint senior leadership team since 2004.  Ms. Wohl is responsible for all aspects of Accounting, Finance, Human Resources and Payroll from the company’s headquarters in Irvine, CA. Prior to working for Decisionpoint, she served as Corporate Controller for a leading global manufacturer of electronic components.  Melinda graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Finance from California State University Fullerton.

Eric Baez, Vice President of Software & Business Development


About: Mr. Baez has dedicated his career to helping clients design, develop, and deploy systems that rapidly and efficiently enhance operations across all levels of the organization. Eric brings with him over 25 years of experience in everything from retail point of sale to enterprise field mobility platforms. Eric works with customers who seek to reengineer their enterprise operations by implementing best practices to streamline their organizations. His experience includes working with tier-1 customers such as Avis, Pitney Bowes, Aramark, Nordstrom’s, Nike, Macy’s, and Sephora in recent years.

Dave Peddemors, Vice President of Sales and Marketing


About: Mr. Peddemors joined DecisionPoint in May of 2019 and was tasked with the  mission of growing sales and developing the modern marketing mechanisms that will drive growth for the corporation. Dave has held various sales and sales management roles with Avery Dennsion, Psion Teklogix, Motorola Solutions, and Zebra technologies. Dave’s career has been focused on solutions that incorporate rugged technologies, RFID, software, and systems solutions.

Blair McKay, Vice President of Operations

About: Mr. McKay has worked for over 20 years in all aspects of operations from shipping/receiving and logistics, to the technical and sales side, helping build and sell services that support the IT industry. Before coming to DecisionPoint, Mr. McKay’s role as president at two different companies proved to be vital, as both grew significantly during his years at each company.  Critical components of Blair’s leadership include integrity, followthrough, and innovation.