Unleash Your IT from the Day-to-Day Management of Mobile Devices

As more companies deploy more mobile devices, the process of managing large pools of devices has become cumbersome. Keeping up with operating system updates, application updates, and security patches can bog down IT operations, leaving your devices open to interoperability problems and security vulnerabilities.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) automatically provisions devices, provides a single interface to remotely manage hundreds or thousands of devices and delivers powerful reporting capabilities to help manage mobile devices.

With MDM, enterprises have complete visibility into their asset pool, with individual device status reporting to anticipate problems before they happen. DecisionPoint works with customers to configure a MDM platform tailored to the unique needs and processes of each business.

Mobilize and Connect the Mobile Worker

Benefits of Mobile Device Management

  • Increase Productivity: MDM reduces downtime by keeping your mobile devices operating at the highest service level.
  • Remote Management: Software updates can be installed remotely, and DecisionPoint technicians can troubleshoot and fix problems remotely. Companies spend less on shipping devices back for service, and reduced downtime keeps mobile workforces productive.
  • Security: MDM helps ensure your devices are properly updated with the latest security software to protect valuable data.
  • Compliance: MDM applies over-the-air settings and commands to streamline compliance with enterprise data and mobile devices policies.

DecisionPoint Serves as a “One-Stop Shop” when Implementing MDM:


Stand up the platform.

Create policies, groups, admissions and design enrollment process.

Monitor the system.

Look for updates needed on devices.

Package and deploy applications—can be done remotely.

Audit which devices have been updated and when.

Take corrective actions as needed.

Selecting and Optimizing Your Mobile Device Management

Discover the Right Platform for Your Needs

Already Using MDM?

If your business is already using MDM, DecisionPoint can use your original configuration as a starting point for taking over management of the platform. We can determine who originally configured your MDM platform, and in the event that the person was the only one trained on MDM and has left the company, DecisionPoint can continue to manage the platform without disruption.

Using More Than One MDM Platform?

In some cases, organizations use more than one MDM platform. DecisionPoint can support both for a completely transparent experience. Companies don’t need to invest time and resources to train an IT employee, who may inevitably leave the company. DecisionPoint can manage it.


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